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Hospital Information Management Systems

Deha Medical Solutions - One simple space without limitations.

Fully integrated web enabled Hospital Management System (HIMS) for mid-size to large hospitals and clinics. Deha today is used by leading hospitals in over 8 countries



Deha Medical Solutions offers simple solutions to streamlining patient care. Via the DehaNET portal, Deha brings together all of the aspects of medical or dental office systems, modernizing through a variety of simple and efficient tools. Our team of developers has worked hard to ensure that Deha meets the world standards adopted for medical devices, including The Accredited Standards Committee X12, The ASTM Committee E31, American Standards for Testing and Materials Committee E31 on Health Informatics, DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, HL7 - Health Level Seven, IHE - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, and the NCPDP - National Council for Prescription Drug Programs.


Our unique and intuitive online software suite offers a wide variety of options to make medical professionals lives easier. Let us help you streamline your patient care into one simple space, without limitations.


The DehaNET Portal is your secure access point for all of the great tools Deha Medical Solutions offers. Trust in our DehaNET private intranet server and enjoy your online office worry-free

Some Modules

Dental Clinic Management, PolyClinic Management, Appointment Management, Out-Patient Management, Patient Records Management, Physician Management, Inventory Management, Policy Management, Revenue Management, Stock & Pharmacy Management, Physical & Orthopedy Treatment

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Continuous innovation and adaptation


DEHA Clinic

Intutive set of paractical tools that will help your clinic organize daily procedures more eficiently...

Need to all tools include

One page, one center, one focus


Run in Windows, IOS, Andorid connect everywhere


DEHA is developed as a mediator between different departments of the company and its main purpose is to improve the quality of the service a company provides by helping the employees complete their everyday tasks more easily.


DEHA allows the management of the company to easily gather data and improve the level of productivity by removing unecessary procedures and simplifying existing ones.


With its helpfull set of tools


DEHA Dental Clinic Module

It is customized for dental clinics. It covers all transactions can be done in the dental clinic. Prosthesis, sterilization, surgical operations and procedures to be followed in all clinically used in the same module


Dental Clinics


Real web experience, Mouth camera and PACS systems

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Service

Our development team has more than 10 years experience in software development. Develop health application, CMS application, MRP application, Mobile & Web Application.

Modular Development

We design each function by module. We follow development project cycle Planning, Designing, Coding and Testing.

We make life easier by coding!
Laboratory Information Systems

LIS (Laboratory Information Systems)

Our focusing lab analizor connection central LIS System. We had many of analizor connected to central systems (Olympus, Abbot, Beckman, Hitachi. over 100 brands)

Complate laboratory system including DEHA Hospital Information System. Tube Barcode Label print, ASTM, HL7 Connective to central software

Hospital Information Management System

Hospital Information Management System

Deha is complate HIMS (Hospital Information System Brand). Designed by Web based structure and user friendly interface.


DEHA Offers a set of practical tools that will aid medical staff in having all necessary and useful information right at their fingertips, allowing them to begin and complate every day tasks more efficiently.

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Deha Medical Solutions offers simple solutions to streamlining patient care. Deha brings together all of the aspects of medical or dental office systems, modernizing through a variety of simple and efficient tools. It is fully equipped to meet all of your needs, right down to administrative and financial tasks. The DEHA.Net Portal is a secure place where your staff can work collaboratively together in one simple space.

One simple space, without limitations.

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